DELL storage LTO-6-200 External (01Yr ProSupport)

DELL storage LTO-6-200 External Tape: 2M, 6GB SAS cable/ non Media Cartridge for LTO6/ 01 Cleaning Tape Cartridge/ 01Yr ProSupport.

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my first it solution Are you prepared for the worst?

Incidences of data disasters are on the exponential upswing. Safeguard your data — no matter the size of your business — and drive down the total cost of ownership with Dell backup and recovery software and appliances.

Disaster strike when you least expect it but being prepared will make your recovery a little easier.

My First IT Solution
Learn how backup and recovery should be part of your IT solution.


Best fit for small startups with tight budgets who need a simple solution for regular and automatic backups and easy disaster recovery. 


Architecture :
Simple tab Architecture

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